Shift Your But




This is a book about learning to work smarter not harder. No organisation has any product or service their competitor doesn’t already have or won’t have within the blink of an eye so doing what we’ve always done will ensure our demise. The problem is most people like doing what they have always done; at all levels when change is suggested for sure someone will say ‘Ah yes but ….’

The way to get past ‘buts’ and unleash unimagineable creativity is to:

  • Free up management time by at least 30% so they can work on the business not in it
  • To move from parent/child attitudes to adult/adult trasnactions
  • To review what we consider ‘work’
  • To create an ownership rather than a dependency mentality in our workers

“This book is a must for anyone wanting information about the corporate arena. Ann’s research has been extensive and provides very important facts on climbing the corporate ladder. I have enjoyed the book immensely; the excellent sketches and quotations have given an almost novel excitement to learning the facts of business success.” – Brian Head, Author of ‘Án Experience In Change’