Lessons In Leadership




How to avoid falling into the ‘Trump’ trap.

This book explores the chaotic first 230 days of Donald Trump’s presidency and turns each blunder; gaff and tweet into real life lessons that anyone in a leadership role can learn from.

The author challenges:

  • Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ marketing slogan
  • His promise to drain the swamp
  • His never-ending ‘blame’ games
  • His supposed ‘deal making’ abilities which are pure bully tactics
  • His penchant for throwing his closest advisors under a bus
  • His determination to put people into roles they are neither suitable for nor trained for
  • His endless golfing holidays and blurring the lines between his business and the presidency
  • His treatment of anyone who isn’t white and/or heterosexual.

What people are saying

‘Ann Andrews has condensed decades of leadership wisdom in a treasure trove of simple, useable insights. These ideas have a timeless quality which will be useful for young and old alike. The leadership lessons from Donald Trump arrives at an important time, where technology and disruption challenge the human experience on a daily basis. And we are confused by what we see in the media which often is disconnected from our own reality. This book provides useable punchy and memorable how-to’s to lift our spirit and motivate the reader to want to be a better leader.’

Kim Campbell
CEO Employers’ and Manufacturers Association

“As a speaker and adviser committed to evolutionary commerce and the essential disruption that embraces, I absolutely love this book. Learning and living leadership is vital for anyone who wants a better world. Ann does, and in these wonderful words, she goes beautifully about helping us create it. I’m particularly charmed that a potentially negative and critical set of observations has been re-framed to give us superbly helpful guidelines with which to go forward. Thank you, Ann!”

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth M.AppSci (Social Ecology)
Behavioural Scientist – Business Growth Strategist – Leadership Mentor, Speaker and Facilitator

Even just glancing down the contents it’s amazing how many poignant lessons there are to be taken from Trump!

Paul Atkinson
Researcher, Web Developer, MA Politics

Available in: Paper, eBook, PDF
Number of Pages: 178
 eBook ISBN:  978-0-9876590-8-8
 Paperback ISBN:  978-0-9876590-9-5
Published by: Moreau Publishing
First Publishing September 2017