My Dear Franchisees


Revised 2019 Edition

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Ann Andrews was managing several franchisees and was literally pulling her hair out trying to help them understand how franchising works. In sheer frustration one day, she wrote a letter to them, never intending to send it. She showed the letter to a fellow franchisor and he said he wanted 32 copies. And so this book was born.

She asks franchisors if it would make their life easier if their franchisees realised:

  • They have not bought a job
  • What they can do with your system, what they can’t
  • What you will be able to do for them, what you
    probably won’t
  • That you are not their Mum, their Dad or their banker
  • You are absolutely not their enemy

If you are a franchisor, a franchisee OR a manager and your hair is also falling out, then this book is must read…