‘Leading in a world gone utterly bonkers’ Webinar Recording


The economy is great, the economy is terrible. The market is buoyant, the market is dead.

Normally vagaries in the market like that would be a year or so apart, now it seems they are only weeks apart.

We started some renovations on our house just before Christmas and literally weeks after the new government was sworn in. Pre Christmas all the tradies were exuberant; positive; happy with the promises being made.

Four months later and those self same tradies are struggling to find work; all of them are now miserable, confused and angry.

Leadership isn’t about promising a bed of roses, it’s about telling the truth to your people; good, bad and even ugly and adapting to those changes so you STAY in business.

If you’re a leader, an owner, a manager or a team leader and you are dealing with this ever changing business world and the backlash from your teams, take one hour out of your day to listen to:

  • The 8 habits of highly successful leaders  (over promising and under delivering isn’t one of them)
  • The 3 different leadership styles and why as leaders we need to be able to use all three
  • Reactions from your people to never ending change, and they WILL react
  • Effective decision making on the run, and based on sound business principles so you can adapt to any change that hits your business


  • $97.00 + gst

The value of this recording is that you can listen to it as many times as you choose and you can use it as a training tool for your up and coming team leaders as many times as you choose.

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Leadership in a world gone Bonkers