‘Induction, promoting and how to have 1:1s’ Webinar Recording


Every owner, franchisee and manager needs good staff to function.  Sadly, so many  people who are new to these positions have never recruited or managed staff before and have probably had zero training in the minefield that is managing staff.

I’d been working with a number of Rest Home owners and managers who were already stressed to the max trying to stay afloat financially in a really tough sector, without the added chaos poor recruitment and poor performance so I offered to run a series of 4 weekly webinars to teach them all aspects of managing staff and creating high performing teams.

In Session 2 of the 4 webinars I cover how to:

  • Find and hold on to great people
  • Understand that some people are just plain weird and that isn’t always a bad thing
  • Understand why regular 1:1’s are vital
  • Factor into their 1:1’s the 5 stages of a job or career
  • Turn a group into a team really quickly

If you are an owner, a new franchisee or a newly promoted team leader or manager and have literally been thrown in at the deep end with zero training on managing staff, these one hour webinars will be a life saver for you.


  • $97.00 + gst

The value of this recording is that you can listen to it as many times as you choose and you can use it as a training tool for your up and coming team leaders as many times as you choose.



Finding Great People