Business leaders urgently need to understand the 6 ‘Cs’ of staying solvent in 2024

The challenges of being in business and STAYING in business never seem to get any easier. Every year those of us in business hear that ‘this year’ will be another year of ‘living dangerously’. I absolutely predict that 2024 really WILL be a year like no other any of us have experienced for quite some time. I’m about to start running my annual Leadership Webinars focusing this year on NEW leaders, which prompted me to look at the challenges various experts are predicting.

1. Conflict.We are surely living in a time of global uncertainty. Being at the bottom of the world tends to make us think perhaps we’re insulated. We’re not. America is in conflict; the UK is in conflict: Ukraine and Russia are still hammering each other and now we have the prospect of war in the Middle East. Conflicts, whether they are global, local (our new government) or internal to your company will have a massive effect and new leaders need to have the skills to deal with whatever comes their way, often on a daily basis.

2.    Complexity of the labour market.  The NZ labour market is reasonably strong, our unemployment rate currently stands at 3.9%, however, as always when looking for staff, finding people isn’t the challenge, finding people with the right skills IS. I know from 30+ years in the HR sector specialising in working with high performing teams, the cost of hiring the wrong person or promoting the wrong person is massive.

3.    Cyber security. Who amongst us hasn’t had our bank account scammed? If you are with a safe bank and can retrieve those monies, great, however, not all banks are created equal. And what if scammers steal your database or your IP? Are you prepared?

4. Corporate speak versus buyer values.We are witnessing a lot of corporate word salad at the moment, words that seem to excite those at senior level: convincing them that they’re actually achieving something, but our buyers did not come down in the last shower. They can spot BS at 100 paces. Make your words and promises mean something real to your CUSTOMER.

5. Complacency.Humans are strange creatures, we love our routines. Whatever your product or service rest assured someone else will have the SAME product or service and if you are becoming lazy or a bit smug, you will seriously regret that. When did you last shake up your offerings? When did you last introduce a new product or service?

6. Climate change.We ignore the fact that the planet is in strife at our peril. Our customers now expect to know where your business stands on plastic, or waste, or oil or fresh water. One slamming review on Facebook or Twitter and your business could be toast.  Review your climate change values and POST THEM WIDELY.

I am about to start my 2024 business webinars. This first series of 4 sessions is designed to help NEW LEADERS and NEW FRANCHISEES deal with the complexities of a period of great change.

Session 1: Dealing with never ending change

Session 2: Finding and holding on to great people

Session 3: Dealing with less than fabulous performance

Session 4: Learning to work at warp speed.

Each session last for approximately 1 hour, is interactive and comes with follow up tips from the conversations we have DURING the session.

Investment: $226.55


Time and Date:

  • Session 1: 14th Feb. 3.30 to 4.30pm
  • Session 2: 21st Feb. 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Session 3: 28th Feb. 3.30 – 4.30pm
  • Session 4: 6th March. 3.30 – 4.30pm

NB: There will be some pre course work in the form of questionnaires; this allows me to understand the challenges each attendee is dealing with and to ensure I give them the information they need to become a better leader.

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