Understanding the danger of Scapegoating

I’ve worked with numerous teams over the years where team members were absolutely sure that if Jack left, the team would function marvellously. So Jack is hounded out and for a couple of weeks all is well and then lo and behold, people realise Jack wasn’t the problem at all because the problems they were blaming him for still exist. When … Read More

Leaders: Your future is leaving clues

If a company or country is quite happy with the status quo, then a leader isn’t actually required. The person needed in such a situation is actually a ‘maintainer’. The problem with wanting to stay in one place is that it’s actually impossible. If internal forces don’t cause a business or country to change, external forces surely will. Having worked … Read More

Leaders: Denial is absolutely not a river in Egypt

Three weeks into the leadership handover in America, it’s hard to ignore the different styles; standards and objectives. I was so concerned the day I watched one of those leaders elect to run for office that I decided to condense what I believe are 50 lessons anyone wanting a leadership role, needs to be aware of. I covered Lessons 1-10 … Read More

Leaders: know yourself: know your limits: respect the boundaries

Over the years we’ve been encouraged to ‘go beyond’, to ‘break down barriers’ to ‘never take no for an answer’. On occasion, this is exceptional advice, otherwise how would new inventions be launched and/or new thinking emerge? HOWEVER – some norms and boundaries and laws are in place for a reason.  Imagine what would happen if there were no road rules, picture … Read More

What to do when lunch-rooms become hotbeds of fear, gossip and resentment

As we all return to work and our new normal begins, be aware that our employees and co-workers have been through massive trauma and will take time to adjust. Covid 19 hit the world real fast and real hard. There was very little time to prepare for the biggest shock most of us have experienced in our lifetimes and which … Read More

LEADERSHIP VALUES: I Alone Can Fix Things v Together We Can Move Mountains

I’ve just had the absolute honour of speaking at a conference in Sydney for people who are first responders in a crisis. The audience was mostly medical personnel; managers who have to deal with unforeseen events and even some people who work with hostage negotiators. No pressure then! My topic was leadership and my session was ‘Courage Under Fire’. I’d … Read More

I did it, I got to number one on Amazon (briefly)

My latest book on Leadership actually hit number one yesterday. And yes, I know it will be a very brief moment in time before it is no longer number one, but it sure felt good for that brief, brief moment. I’m passionate about leadership, and it breaks my heart when I see terrible leaders doing everything they can to trash … Read More

All hail the accidental and/or reluctant leaders

On 1 December 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man when the ‘white’ section of the bus was full. She eventually became involved with the civil rights movement of that period, even collaborating with Martin Luther King Jr, who at that stage in history was a new minister in town. She … Read More

There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile

Traditionally my newsletters have been about the broader topic of leadership, but I want to dedicate this newsletter purely to Donald Trump. As I witnessed the events of the last few days a funny old nursery rhyme started playing in my head – you may remember it: There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile He found a … Read More