Have you fulfilled your destiny? If not, why not?

Over the school holidays, we had two grandchildren staying. Our grandchildren are all heading into  teen years now, so keeping them occupied is a whole lot more challenging than when they were toddlers. One wet and miserable afternoon we got to talking about ‘careers’ which led to talking about life path or ‘destiny’. A concept that was new to both … Read More

Healthy disruption versus dysfunctional chaos

Virtually every organisation or team I’ve worked with over the years employed me to help them change some aspect of their team or organisation. Whether it was to deal with a high absenteeism problem, a high turnover of skilled talent or simply the need to be more profitable — all were situations that required an intervention or change of current … Read More

There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile

Traditionally my newsletters have been about the broader topic of leadership, but I want to dedicate this newsletter purely to Donald Trump. As I witnessed the events of the last few days a funny old nursery rhyme started playing in my head – you may remember it: There was a crooked man, who walked a crooked mile He found a … Read More

Praise the Bridge That Carried You Over (George Colman)

I’ve always thought it strange that various things can be happening in our lives which seem totally unrelated, and then something happens which causes them all to flip and join together. The phrase ‘Praise the Bridge’ was my ‘flip’ moment for 2 major current events I’d been observing, and a third more slow burning situation I’d been vaguely aware of. … Read More