‘What got you here’ Workshop


What got you here, won’t get you there

So many women set off with dreams of a fabulous career and then somewhere along the way they ‘settle’. Often it isn’t until our kids leave home that we realise we are nowhere near where we’d planned to be, and so we beat ourselves up; give up or simply ‘settle’ again.

Some women actually DO achieve that fabulous career but after a while realise it isn’t what they  thought it would be or they get bored and now want a new adventure. When their income is tied up with one career it can be quite terrifying to give that away and risk trying something else.

I’m joining forces with Terri Gasparich, Vision Board Workshops, to help women think bigger, brighter, more creatively and more courageously.

From my session, you will take away:

  • Tools to help you kick your limiting beliefs into touch FOREVER
  • An understanding of your ‘squish’ points (those moments where you talk yourself out of trying something new)
  • The realisation that you are never too old and it’s never too late to take on a whole new world; a whole new adventure
  • Skills to handle the naysayers – and there WILL be naysayers
  • The courage to dream so big you won’t dare to tell small minded people your plan

Terri will take you through:

  • Taking some precious time to gain clarity on what you really want
  • How to still the mental chatter that keeps you stuck
  • Connecting with your deep gentle wise voice
  • Creating a vision that calls to you
  • Creating your own powerful Vision Board to keep your attention on your intentions

Next workshop scheduled for October

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Workshops are LIVE and held somewhere gorgeous in Parnell

When: 12.30-4.30pm

Investment: $125 +gst

Workbooks and equipment to create your Vision Board will be provided.
Attendees are asked to bring 5 magazines to the event

Who should attend?

Any woman who is feeling lost, confused or bored. Women who let go of their dreams and now want to rejuvenate them. Women who have so much more to give. Women who want to make a difference. Women who simply want more out of their lives than they are currently experiencing.

Women who do not want to die with their music still in them.

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What got you here, won’t get you there