Bullies at Work Webinar – June 2024


Almost every call I get, even after working with teams for over 30 years, is invariably ‘Help! one person in my team is a nightmare to deal with, we’re all terrified of him/her. Me included.’

I’ve always wondered why some people are so easy to get along with and others seem hell bent on being thoroughly obnoxious.

There are degrees of being obnoxious: some people are just naturally grumpy; some people seem to enjoy being unpleasant; some seem determined to turn every conversation into an argument and then there are the bullies.

Bullying is absolutely not OK. There is no place for it in our workplaces.

I’ve spent the past couple of years working in the aged care sector, and boy those amazing carers take flak from all angles, so, I decided it was time I ran a webinar on bullying and other forms of learning to  deal with nasty people. I plan to run two sessions: one covering bullying in the workplace, and the second to deal with bullying outside the workplace.

Sometimes the harshest people in our lives can be friends and family.

Session 1: Bullies at work. I will cover:

  • What bullying IS and what it ISN’T
  • The difference between bullying and harassment
  • The cost of bullying to your business reputation and bottom line
  • How to ‘manage’ a bully
  • If you’re the target of the bully – why you?
  • Why do you seem to be a target, often again and again?
  • What to say and what not to say to a bully either as a manager or as a target
  • Developing strategies so that bullying is stamped out in your business and in your life

Session 2: How to deal with family and friends who treat you badly

  • Identifying ‘who’ in your family or circle, is minimizing you
  • Being clear ‘how’ they are minimizing you and why that’s stressing you
  • Learning to set clear boundaries
  • What to do, what to say, what NOT to say ever to someone who is abusing you
  • What to do if poor behaviours creep back into your relationship with the person
  • Survival techniques for building and holding on to important relationships

Who should attend.

Owners, franchisors, managers who feel they have someone in their business who appears to be a bully and is causing havoc amongst their co-workers.

Anyone who feels they are the target of a bully, either at work or at home.


  • Session 1: 11th June
  • Session 2: 18th June

Times: 2.30 – 3.30 pm



Bullying is absolutely not OK. There is no place for it in our workplaces.