FREE GAME: Balloons and Thinking Hats




Over the years I’ve learned a few things about getting people to relax; to open up, to even have some fun. And I’ve done that with an extra-ordinary array of games or icebreakers or creations that get people out of ‘stuck’.

Most of my ‘games’ pop into my head when I’m knee deep in resistance and am desperately scratching my head to find a way to ‘shift’ people. This game is no exception. It came about when I was invited to work with a group of men whose particular skill was probably going to be replaced with technology. The organization was forward thinking enough to realize this and valued their people sufficiently that they didn’t want to wait for the tidal wave of change which would absolutely result in these men being made redundant.

I was brought in to facilitate a multi-skilling initiative; to encourage these men to learn other skills so that when their particular skill DID become obsolete (which was inevitable) they would have many new skills to fall back on.

Sadly the men weren’t as forward thinking as their organization. They were very proud of the job they did and had trained long and hard to even learn the skill. They were the crème de la crème of the organization and quite naturally had a vested interest in staying the top dogs. But we knew they wouldn’t be top dogs for much longer if they didn’t embrace this opportunity to learn some new skills.

Grab the game and learn more!!