Icebreakers At Work

How to liven up your meetings, networking events and off-site sessions

If you ask anyone about their team meetings they will usually give you that ‘oh no’ expression – as in ‘oh-no-our-meetings-bore-us-to-tears.’

Which is such a shame.

Look at the brain power that is sitting around a room during a meeting. Look at the hourly rates of those people and their time sitting around being bored when they could better use that time meeting clients or whatever. A lot of brain power and money is also being wasted if the chair of the meeting is a ‘droner’ or a person who drills down into absolute minutae.

• How about kicking off all your meetings with an ‘icebreaker?’
• How about getting some energy into the attendees?
• How about making sure that whoever ‘chairs’ your meetings is a person who wants to move fast and get out of that room?

Initially I put this booklet together for people who wanted more energetic meetings, but then realised it will have many other uses.

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