Meetings appear to be the biggest frustration for everyone in an organization. Managers, team leaders and even business owners seem to hate them. Their complaint is ‘no-one ever has anything to say during the meeting then 5 minutes after the meeting is finished they are in the lunch-room bitching and moaning. Why can’t they bring their bitches to the meeting?’ … Read More

Healthy disruption versus dysfunctional chaos

Virtually every organisation or team I’ve worked with over the years employed me to help them change some aspect of their team or organisation. Whether it was to deal with a high absenteeism problem, a high turnover of skilled talent or simply the need to be more profitable — all were situations that required an intervention or change of current … Read More

All hail the accidental and/or reluctant leaders

On 1 December 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man when the ‘white’ section of the bus was full. She eventually became involved with the civil rights movement of that period, even collaborating with Martin Luther King Jr, who at that stage in history was a new minister in town. She … Read More

Fear: Feel it; face it; leverage it

Every now and again in our lives, we hit a brick wall. We may have set some amazing goals and achieved them, and then fall apart immediately afterwards and can’t understand why. We may have worked our way through one of life’s challenges; a marriage/relationship break-down; a redundancy; a failed business, yet once the challenge appears to be over and … Read More

Talking about trust

When I worked with teams and encouraged them to ‘cough-up-their-fur-balls’ I could 99% guarantee that the biggest problem every team raised would end up being communication. Employees would say their bosses communicated nothing and bosses would say they communicated everything. After years of doing this type of work, I realised that what was going on wasn’t in fact a lack … Read More

Will there come a time when people are paid NOT to work?

Predictions are that we are moving into a world where there will be: No more farmers No more factory workers No more drivers No more office workers No more nurses According to Oregonlive ‘In the United States, half of the 7.5 million jobs lost during the Great Recession paid middle-class wages, ranging from $38,000 to $68,000. But only 2 percent … Read More

The delusional games some leaders play

If you’ve ever worked for a boss who says one thing but does another, you will find yourself perpetually confused and possibly even wonder if the person in question is sad, mad, dangerous or just plain delusional. It will absolutely be like walking on egg shells. You may work for a boss who wants results now; they want to be … Read More

You never listen. Yes I do. No you don’t.

I trained as a marriage guidance counsellor many, many years ago and realised that one of the biggest challenges in relationships; whether they are personal or work relationships, is that as humans we are ALL really poor listeners. When I worked with couples I would see them separately for quite some time. My first question to the original person who … Read More

Truth and Lies: The Real Future of Our Jobs

‘There is no future in any job. The future lies in the person who holds the job.” George W. Crane The ‘truths’ we were probably all told by our parents and teachers was ‘get a good education; learn a trade or take up a profession and you’ll never be without a job’. As a parent I know I hunted out … Read More